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Who are we?

Silver-to-go specialises in buying and selling VAT free silver bullion coins to private individuals as well as institutional investors, financial advisors and resellers. We stock high quality and sought after silver metals. No matter what your reason is to invest in silver, you can be sure to find it here with us at silver-to-go.

In April 2019, Silver-To-Go was acquired by INTL FCStone Inc., a NASDAQ-listed financial services firm based in New York. 

Across 48 offices, INTL FCStone employs over 1,500 people around the globe. The firm focuses on five key segments: Commercial Hedging, Global Payments, Securities, Physical Commodities, and Clearing and Execution Services. 

Not limited to physical bullion trading, INTL FCStone offers precious metals hedging capabilities to both institutional and corporate customers through its flagship trading platform: PMXecute. INTL FCStone was also the first non-bank member of the LBMA Gold Price and LBMA Silver Price

INTL FCStone’s precious metals business is a market-leader in the global physical markets and operates out of offices in New York, London, Dubai, Singapore and now, Frankfurt.

What can you buy from us?

Our core business is “silver” which we stock in an enormous range of pieces. As we purchase large quantities directly from mints and producers all over the world, we can offer you best prices on silver bullion products. We are able to assist our customers to invest in inflation-safe assets by selling VAT free silver coins within the EU.

Why use silver-to-go?

We deal with silver on a daily basis, including buying, selling, transporting, storing, insuring, sorting and reprocessing them so you can be assured of a quality and efficient service from searching, buying and receiving your silver investment.

Why invest in silver bullion coins?

Silver along with gold is the ultimate form of money because it cannot be created out of thin air like “paper currency” and therefore can be considered a store of value over time. Owning some silver in your portfolio provides you with a real asset that has functioned as money for thousands of years and is a great way to add diversity to your investment portfolio. Silver is generally considered a cheap and affordable for the average investor.

Why buy your silver investments from silver-to-go?

Our prices are competitive, as we do not use any intermediaries hence we buy our stock straight from producers to save you from paying extra for your investment. We also constantly monitor the price of silver we sell right here on our site, so you are constantly aware of any changes in the market and in that way make our service is transparent to the customer and aims to increase confidence in us as a precious metal trader.


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