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UK Silver Price Today

Current Price
22,37 €
Today's High
22,37 €
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22,37 € (0%)

Live metal spot prices (24 hours): 2023-05-28 05:18:43

Silver Spot Prices Silver Price Today Spot Change
Silver price per Gram 0,7192 € 0,7200 € 
Silver price per Ounce 22,37 € 22,37 € 
Silver price per Kilogram 719,18 € 719,18 € 
Silver Spot Prices
Silver price per Gram 0,7192 € 0,7200 € 
Silver price per Ounce 22,37 € 22,37 € 
Silver price per Kilogram 719,18 € 719,18 € 

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To be an informed investor, one can access our silver price charts to suit your individual requirements. You can also research various factors that play a crucial role in determining the price of silver, and can enquire about the different denominations and forms this precious metal is available in.

Last Updated: Sun, 28 May 2023 05:18:43 +0000
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Price of Silver

The price of silver is driven by supply and demand like in most commodities. The price of silver in usually volatile compared to that of gold because of lower liquidity and demand fluctuations. Anyone who´s taken note of the silver price chart in the past ten years can spot two important facts:

• Silver offers yield-seeking investors enormous odds
• The evolution of silver is characterized by occasional setbacks in the share price.

What Drives Silver Prices?

Silver is considered to be a “safe haven investment” meaning that silver is seen as retaining its value and purchasing power better than paper currency when there is economic uncertainty. However, the other side of this is when there is a vibrant economy the demand for silver may decrease from investors.

Silver can be seen as a great hedge against inflation, while inflation will erode the value of paper currency, silver could protect investors against losses in purchasing power.

Contrary to so-called fiat money (that can be multiplied at will), the amount is limited to precious metals available at any time to a specific maximum. The price of gold and silver is therefore largely nothing more than currency devaluation viewed from a reasonable base.

Another factor is the importance of silver as an industrially valuable precious metal, during the 2007/2008 financial crisis all major economies slipped into recession that affected the silver price significantly because economic demand was absent. Nonetheless, the slump in the silver price cannot be explained solely by lack of industrial demand.