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The Australian Perth Mint – traditional minting

The Perth Mint is the oldest still-functioning mint in Australia with global reputation. It was opened in 1899 as a branch of the British Royal Mint, and until today it has minted above all gold coins and silver coins.

The Perth Mint Australia

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From Offshoot to Thriving

Until the end of the 19th
century the British kingdom encompassed large parts of the globe. In the past,
the nations of the Commonwealth were - and still are today - united by their
joint head of state; consequently the acting British Queen is depicted on every
coin of the Perth Mint. As the Royal Mint sourced the gold for minting its coins
from distant colonies, it suggested itself to establish mints in the colonies
themselves and to mint the gold coins directly on site, instead of shipping the
gold first to England and then taking the produced gold coins back into the
member states of the Commonwealth. Consequently, in 1896 the foundation blocks
were laid for the Perth Mint to be able to convert the gold dug in the West of
Australia into coins and gold bars. With the elimination of the
Sovereign in 1931 and the
introduction of the British pound, the method of operation of the Perth Mint
changed. From then on, the mint did not only produce new
and current circulation coins, but also incorporated other coins into its repertoire.
In 1970, the management of the Australian coins was transferred from Great
Britain to the Government of Western Australia. Since 1987 the Perth Mint is a
subsidiary of the Gold Corporation, an Australian precious metal corporation
controlled by the state, which co-ordinates the marketing of Australian gold.

The Perth Mint today

Like in the past the Perth
Mint operates its own precious metal refinery and goldsmiths. It produces many
different products in its workshops made from different precious metals such as
gold, silver, platinum or palladium - including some of the best-known bullion
and collectors' coins. The most important coins
include amongst other coins the
Kookaburra Silver Coin, the Koala Silver Coin and the Australian Gold Nugget. Gold bars with the iconic logo of the
Perth Mint, the Golden Swan, are also produced in the historic mint. At the end of 1982, the minting of official coins in circulation
was discontinued to move the focus of the production to bullion coins,
collectors' coins and bars. Since 1983 the current coins in circulation have
therefore been produced exclusively by the Royal Australian Mint. Nonetheless,
the Perth Mint is one of the mints with the highest revenue in the world. Until
the beginning of the new millennium 4500 tons of gold were processed here. This
corresponds to approximately 3.25% of the entire amount of gold processed in
the world at all times.

1 ton Red Kangaroo Gold Coin - The
record gold coin of the Perth Mint

The Perth Mint issued its
biggest and most massive gold coin in October 2011. The coin was minted
according to the pattern of the Australian Nugget, it has the impressive weight
of 1012 kg, a diameter of 80 cm and a thickness of 12 cm. A giant red kangaroo
was minted onto a coin blank made with 24 carat gold (refined gold with a
purity of 99.99%). This minted image gave the coin its name: "The Red
Kangaroo". The reverse side shows that classical image of the British
Queen Elizabeth II. With a nominal value of AUD 1 million, this gold coin is
still regarded as an official means of payment in Australia, but the pure gold
value was much higher at the time of issuance with AUD 53.5 million.

Coins of the Perth Mint are very

For many years the coins of
the Perth Mint have been some of the most popular and prestigious coins on the
international coin market. Traders, collectors and investors are convinced of
the purity and quality of the Australian classical coins, such as for example
the Australian Lunar series, the Gold Koala and the Sovereign; consequently
products of the Perth Mint form part of most portfolios. Convince yourselves of
the high quality of the products of the tradition-steeped Perth Mint. In our
online shop you will find numerous coins of this well-known mint made from
silver, gold, palladium and platinum. Should you have any
questions or comments, please
contact us at any time. It will be our pleasure to advise you on the selection for your