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Silver Kangaroo Coins

The coin is inspired by one of Australia's most beloved and iconic animals, the kangaroo. The extremely low issue price of the Kangaroo 1oz Silver coin is considered to be a cheap and efficient silver investment coin and is comparable to that of the Canadian Maple Leaf and American Silver Eagle.

Struck in .9999 fine silver the Australian Silver bullion coin is a treasure for investors as well as collectors. The 2018 Australian Kangaroo 1oz silver coin cointains a micro-laser engraved ´A´ which appears within the first A of “Australian”, provides you with authentication and detection against counterfeits.

Collectors inspired by the Perth Mints Australian Kangaroo series might also be interested in other uniquely inspired Australian silver bullion coins such as the The Koala Silver Coin or The Kookaburra Silver Coin.