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Rich reserves of precious metals and a rich numismatic history

The first coins were minted in Mexico in April 1536 in the Viceroyalty of New Spain (1535 - 1821). The Spaniards recognised the wealth of the Mexican silver and gold reserves early on. The yields of the new Spanish mines were shipped to Europe in the form of coins, where they were used as a regular means of payment. Shipment in the form of coins tendered itself, because the nominal value of the coins corresponded to the real value of the metal at that time. At times there were so many gold coins in Spain that occasionally the price slumped in comparison to the silver coins of actual less value.

Starting with the War of Independence (1810 - 1824) the coin minting in Mexico was subject to frequent change. The separatists minted their own coins, and so did the rebels and the later winners during the Mexican Revolution (approximately 1910 - 1920). The lettering, which has adorned all Mexican bullion coins since then: "ESTADOS UNIDOS MEXICANOS" (United States of Mexico) was introduced in 1905. Only after the revolution the use, and above all the minting, of gold and silver coins were finally stopped, because by then the metal value significantly exceeded the nominal value. (Here you can find detailed information on the numismatic history of Mexico)

Mexico's freedom minted in gold and silver - the Libertad

The Casa de Moneda de Mexico, the official Mexican mint, only started to produce gold coins in 1981, and in 1982 to also produce silver coins. They were, however, not destined for general circulation, they were bullion coins. The simple name of the coin is a symbol for Mexico's long war for independence and autonomy: "Libertad".

The Libertad in gold is offered in units of 1/20, 1/10, ¼, ½, and 1 oz. The silver edition is also available in the weights of 5 oz and 1 kg. As a gold coin it is available in the same unitisation of up to 1 oz. In particular these different units make the Libertad so attractive as a bullion coin, as they ensure the precise positioning of the portfolio.

The motif of the Libertad has barely changed since its introduction. It shows Victoria, the Goddess of victory, who is a symbol of Mexico's victory over its colonial power, and therefore of the freedom and independence of the country.